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Organic NP fertilizer

Dried manure

The dried manure of Adriatica Fertilizzanti is an NP organic fertilizer allowed in organic biologic farming.

  • High rate of humification
  • Prolonged nitrogen and phosphate availability
  • Reduction of chemical fertilization
  • It does not contain sludge
  • Not from industrial farms

Product description

Dried manure is a completely natural organic fertilizer, produced exclusively with poultry droppings (chickens and turkeys) from non-industrial farms, which operate in compliance with MiRAAF Circular no. 9594661 of 10.10.1995 and which upon request issue self-certifications in compliance with the regulations in force to certify the safety of the product.

In addition, the dried manure of Adriatica Fertilizzanti, as well as the manure, is subjected to periodic analyzes which confirm the excellent quality of the organic fertilizer.

The production process of dried droppings involves a first phase of maturation in heaps, where it ferments for a period of at least six months, and the subsequent drying and granulation phases, carried out simultaneously with a special “pelleting” system.

Technical data

Organic nitrogen (N)
Phosphoric Anhydride (P2O5)

Product use

Vegetables in the open field
35/40 q. per hectare
Greenhouse vegetables
30/35 q. per hectare
Lettuce in the open field
20/25 q. per hectare
Lettuce in the greenhouse
15/20 q. per hectare
Orchards and vineyards
8/10 q. per hectare
Beets, corn and wheat
15 q. per hectare
7/8 q. per hectare


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